2018 is here!

I would like to thank all of our old and new group members for being here, supporting us and being all around awesome.

This is Jeanine Comstock, one of the founders of IntactPDX. I would like to take a moment to reflect on some of the things our group has either done or shared in the making of. We have had various community building events, hosted a few events,  attended a vegan event where we put up stickers and informational cards. Most recently we were helping with the American Circumcision documentary showings here in Portland, which recently aired at the Portland Community College campus. We also currently have a partnership with yourwholebaby.org, one of the fastest growing and leading non-profits in our movement! If you have not heard of them their website is certainly worth checking out. From healthcare providers to activism supplies, they have it all!

Some up coming events we would like to attend and or host:

  • Gay pride festivals
  • OMSI after dark
  • Community building events
  • Stickering events
  • Monthly meetings for the public
  • Chalking events around PDX

If anyone would like to join or be a part of our local group and come join the activism while joining in the fun please feel free to e-mail us at our email address: mail@intactPDX.org